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One on One sessions





Light Forums

Tuesdays - 6 week intervals

10.30am to 3.30pm

£18 per day or £90 for 6 paid in advance

(priority allocated to those booking all 6)

A light-hearted space where small groups (max 5) meet to share and appreciate the natural ‘light’ within ourselves, our world and each other. Easily move through your daily challenges, learn to nurture yourself and others, BE the light that you are.....Each gathering offers an opportunity for you to share that which inspires or uplifts, your vision of reality. Subject matter, determined by the group, is used as a window to view the ordinariness of everyday life in an extra-ordinary  way.  Topics include: the four elements in nature and their seasonal variations, words that inspire, spiritual traditions, aspects of healing etc.  Limits for each avenue of expression is only bounded by your own imagination. Includes a group reading using Key of Light contemplation cards. Why not come along and experience BEING the infinite miracle of light that you are!


 “Wake up and live that full and

 glorious life which is

your true heritage.  

Be afraid of nothing.


You have within you

all wisdom, all power, all

 strength and all understanding."

Words of Wisdom

Eileen Caddy

Venue information provided on registration. Please contact us to find out more.

Not sure if its your thing? Why not come along and if its not for you we’ll give you a full refund.

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