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One on One sessions





Know your place on the Map

Single session £63 (1hr)

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Live the Way of Wholeness

Special offer* £90 (up to 2hrs)

Subsequent sessions £63 (1hr)

Adventures in Wholeness

Personal Mentorship


Special offer* Initial reading £126 (up to 2hrs)

Subsequent sessions £72 (1hr)

These sessions, fluid in nature, are built with you in mind. Although primarily offered under the banner of the 'understanding heart,' they may include any or all of the three energy streams offered under the Centre of Light, including Esoteric Astrology readings and clarity on teachings offered under the Walk the Rainbow banner; personal choice determines the session. A still and sacred space is made available within which you may awaken at your own pace and ‘join the dots' to bring clarity and understanding to your everyday challenges, whether through intellectual understanding or by engaging in the deep inner work undertaken within ‘Live the Way of Wholeness’ or ‘Adventures in Light’ sessions. Click on the stars above to find out more.

*Includes single pack of contemplation cards (either Visions of Reality, Stillness Speaks, or Natures Way)

NB. Offer excludes p&p

Know the Map

One on One sessions

with Barbara Rose

Warm welcome...


Barbara Rose

"Have you ever felt the stillness of the air in the eye of a storm moments before all hell breaks loose? And how its seems, in the glory of being fully present in that time outside of time, that the earth has ceased all movement, or your body forgotten how to breathe?

Have you ever been blessed in such a way that your heart stills to listen, really listen, to touch a sound that is vaguely familiar, yet not?

Or, does the profundity of All-That-Is in that timeless, colourless, motionless event strike such a chord of remembrance that you cease to exist?."


“Barbara is a very wise and gifted woman.   Whenever I look at and meditate on  her Contemplation Cards, they always make me feel so much better. Her one on one sessions are  a life-changing and wonderful event, where she lovingly guides you in remembering your birth-right. Thank you, Barbara.  You are awesome!”  Lutgart, Belgium

"Meditating on the Contemplation Cards with Barbara's guidance was both insightful and empowering, focusing on key issues which proved to be accurate and very relevant to what is happening for me at the present time. Barbara has helped me to see aspects of my life which need re-aligning and I can work on for my personal growth."  Sue, Lancashire UK

"What amazing moment yesterday was for me, once I got home yesterday and opened my journal the words just poured out, I felt like a gifted tarot reader!"  Lilian, UK

Book your session here first. Payment due at time of consultation for in person sessions. Skype sessions are due at time of booking via services in our online shop.

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