Stillness Speaks….continued

Now, through contemplating the symbols, we can gain some understanding into the inner workings of the Soul in its own plane.

Taking the ‘petals’ of the seed of life, Journeys of the Soul symbol, as a starting point we can see how rather than just three petals, shown at the centre of the symbol for the pack, there is, in fact, six, implying the union of all seven rays. Not only does this unite the seven rays, but by implication, it brings together the septenary nature of the cosmos as a whole.

Moving on to the circle and Songs of the Cosmos suit, we can see its symbol, the torus, introduces a clear dynamic function to the pack as whole. This suit is the higher mind, the group mind, which is abstract in nature. Considering the geometries, we know the torus is constructed by drawing continuous rounds of circles centred upon the seed of life. This unites the fourth and seventh rays, love and will, heart and mind, being Journeys of the Soul and Songs of the Cosmos respectively, whilst anchoring both onto the physical plane (the seventh ray is the ray of physical manifestation). The application of this will become clear in the following paragraphs but essentially it facilitates ‘thinking in the heart.’

The last primary suit in this pack is Doorways, symbolised by the triangle and metatron’s cube. It is the ‘rainbow bridge’ itself uniting and embracing both higher and lower mind through the fifth ray of concrete knowledge and science. Metatron’s cube gives birth to all five platonic solids, the building blocks of our 3d reality, and is composed of both straight lines and circles, which unite masculine and feminine. By the same token it also brings together the heart (circles) and mind (lines) and is, therefore, ideally placed to facilitate the merging of personality and Soul.  

The essence of the three primary suits is, therefore, concerned with knowing the Soul on its own plane; the symbols and geometries being ideally placed to facilitate this understanding.

The fourth suit, Synthesis, the symbol as a whole, brings in the two remaining rays from the ‘love line,’ devotion and idealism, ray six, and love-wisdom, ray two. Ray six is the only ray, throughout all three packs, not to be defined by its own suit. Why is that?

The sixth ray, at this moment in earth’s history, is the outgoing ray. It has defined our mode of expression for the past two thousand years and is still very much in evidence to this day. This is the ray that expresses itself through devotion and idealism, which at its worst is the religious fanatic, and at best offers spiritual illumination. The lives of Christ, in particular, and Buddha inspired the manifestation of this ray; however the essence of their teachings became distorted, leading to a multitude of disagreements and wars forged in defence of a particular dogma or religious viewpoint; our daily news regularly bears testament to this.

The ‘significant other’ characterises its expression in ordinary life, where this person becomes the salvation for the one who is devoted.  The same may be said of the spiritual seeker who surrenders all to the ‘guru,’ believing only they hold the key to their liberation.

The resolution of the sixth ray lies in turning desire into aspiration. The devotee turns within and seeks union with the Soul; the inner teacher. Herein lays the key to true liberation and spiritual illumination. The sixth ray is raised to the second, the solar plexus to the heart, and love-wisdom is the order of the day. This is the essence of the Synthesis suit, as well as the underlying purpose of Stillness Speaks.   

Stillness Speaks