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"Everyone really enjoyed your workshop, and your talk at the beginning was excellent, you presented some fairly complex material in a very accessible manner.  BIG thank you!  I personally got a lot from it, both the talk and the meditation, the implications of the cards I drew plus the meditation are still slowly unfolding for me as there are layers of meanings." Angela, Durham


"Dear Barbara...Thank you so much for a very enlightening day yesterday..." Sharon, UK


"Absolutely wonderful day yesterday Barbara, thank you for your time and effort, and for sharing your amazing work and knowledge. ♥ ♥ ♥"  Amora Jo, Northumberland


One on One Sessions

“Thank you for giving me so much peace and inspiration at what was a very difficult time in my life. For the first time I am actually focussing on the positive light side of myself rather than the dark negative.  I cannot believe how simple the switch has been.” LS. UK

“Barbara is a very wise and gifted woman.   Whenever I look at and meditate on  her Contemplation Cards, they always make me feel so much better. Her one on one sessions are  a life-changing and wonderful event, where she lovingly guides you in remembering your birth-right. Thank you, Barbara.  You are awesome!”  Lutgart, Belgium


"Meditating on the Contemplation Cards with Barbara's guidance was both insightful and empowering, focusing on key issues which proved to be accurate and very relevant to what is happening for me at the present time. Barbara has helped me to see aspects of my life which need re-aligning and I can work on for my personal growth."  Sue R, Lancashire


"What amazing moment yesterday was for me, once I got home yesterday and opened my journal the words just poured out, I felt like a gifted tarot reader!"  Lilian, UK


“And your cards … what can I say? they are truly wonderful, inspirational and extremely powerful. They are a true enigma.” Linda. UK

"*Gasp!* Barbara, these are amazing!! I see several beings in each photo. I keep seeing more. What a talent you are." Hibiscus Moon, USA

Barbara Rose, I've had a look at your website, and it looks amazing, your art has so much spiritual depth, and I love how you're putting into action the ebook, and workshop concept. Ruthie, New Zealand


"Celestial light....;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) good work looking magnificent..." Jon, UK


[Unconquered Sun] "Absolutely amazing Barbara! - they speak volumes of your sensitivity, creativity and wisdom of the sacredness of nature" Jayne, UK



"Dear Barbara, thank you so much for this beautiful newsletter and the blogs.  I love your photograph you look so well and joyful and real.  I have read and re read "A stranger in a strange land" and can relate to it..." Ann, UK


Blog: 'A Stranger in a Strange Land'

"Thank you so much for sharing, Barbara. This is so familiar to me and resonates so deeply, I don't know where to begin.  The colours and light in 'Phone Home' are so vibrant and remind me of the rain..." Carol Anne, UK


"Dearest Barbara...there is so much here that I can't quite express. I love this image and what you've shared. My overriding sense is that being alone and being all one are, in essence, the same." Jackie, UK

"Barbara...I was idly "leafing through" the posts on the forum when your picture drew me in. Something visceral snapped me to attention - I recognised this place and this being! Like others writing here... Heather, UK


"Hey Barbara Rose. I like this... 'I realise that if i take 'me' with me wherever I go and have no expectations (thats a biggy!!!) then it all just flows quite nicely and I can dip in and out sharing with whom resonates in each moment.' I like that a lot. If I take "me" never thought about things that way." Louisya, USA

Blog: 'Death - the Final Curtain?'

"So powerful Barbara, and beautiful, you made me cry again!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.:)♥XXX" Amora Jo, UK