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Inner Structure

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Womb of Creation

In the graphics below, all suit symbols emerge from the vesica pisicis ‘Eye of God.’ This introduces a bigger picture perspective, essential if you wish to gain the ultimate in working with Key of Light cards. After all, how can you expect to integrate the refined energies of Soul or Spirit if you are not aware of the landscape within which It lives and moves and has Its being? The graphics and suggested layouts below, therefore, show each suit symbol as it sits within the vesica piscis. Every layout, as well as being expressive of this geometry, is also coloured according to the ray and geometry energy it embodies; consider these alongside the energy of your chosen cards. Remember Key of Light cards are contemplation cards, not to be understood with the mind but to be absorbed, integrated and experienced over time. Changes will be subtle, as are the subtle realms of the Soul, so be patient and keep surrendering to the process. N.B. Although the symbols below have an affinity with a particular suit, they are not exclusive - use them as a means to explore, or gain clarity, on any issue, with any card, as you intuit. Card positions are shown by golden circles (spheres) in all layouts.

Infinite expansion, infinite contraction, within and without

Layouts and suggested readings featured on the following pages have at their heart sacred geometric structure. They provide a backdrop, or framework, so your chosen cards have a sacred space within which their energies may unfold. Geometry is the structure of space, when applied to consciousness it becomes sacred; sacred geometry. Add to this the subtle energies embodied within the seven coloured rays of light and, together with your chosen cards, you have the perfect recipe for intuiting the most refined vibrations within you. Try not to get your mind entangled by attempting to ‘understand,’ it will not ‘get it,’ instead allow the subtleties imbibed within each attribute - card, geometry, symbol and ray - to infiltrate slowly and you will spontaneously find knowing is awakened in the moment. Truth, as it is for you, appears as if by magic. So let go, explore, and have fun.

Art of Contemplation (applies to all layouts)

Start with watching the breath and bring your attention to the pause between each in and out. Breathe normally with relaxed focus. Become the ‘pause,’ simply merge with its presence, this creates space wherein the focus for contemplation may be held with acceptance. Bring the vesica piscis geometry into your minds eye - don't fixate, just allow it to rest gently in your awareness. After a period of time the suit symbol of your chosen card appears within the geometry, and then the quality or impetus for your enquiry. All these variables are held softly in your awareness with no agenda or ‘zooming in’ on any particular aspect. The scene is now set for messages within your chosen card(s) to be revealed. Consider the symbols on the reverse, turn the card over and allow its mystery to envelop you. Soon, you and the image are one. You have entered a magical kingdom in which the subtle realms of Soul and Spirit may communicate freely and easily. Keep surrendering to the process, explore as a child would explore, and allow the wonder of each revelation to merge with your innate being-ness. If nothing happens or if you lose your focus let go. Insight gained from contemplation rarely happens in one sitting; it evolves, grows and bears fruit over time – just like you! Keeping a journal helps you to ‘join the dots’ and to keep track of your insights. Remember the Soul communicates in fleeting visions and spontaneous moments of inner clarity, if you are not present, all you have gained, will be lost. Trust your inner teacher, write down each occurrence, and watch the landscape of the Soul unfurl before your eyes…. N.B. for readings incorporating more than one card/several cards, begin by contemplating all as a ‘whole,’ then, maintaining relaxed focus, notice any that call for you to deepen your awareness of its qualities. Approach each reading as you would if entering a new, yet strangely familiar landscape, and let the adventurer within lead the way…. Above all, PLAY!


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