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144 invitations to embrace with love, the inner you

To know the nature of Earth and Cosmos as it expresses through, around and within you

To clearly see that beyond the bounds of polarised consciousness lies a way of being you would never, in your wildest dreams, have believed to be possible

To feel in your heart total acceptance for every facet of the diamond in you

Key of Light Contemplation Cards

144 opportunities to Manifest the Beauty of your Soul…

Walk a Rainbow through your life…

Within the infinite expanse of nothingness a crack in the Cosmic Egg allows a pin-prick of light to penetrate the eternal blackness. Dark is transformed. Now it knows light, and with the onset of Light-Emergent comes knowing of the many. For that which is shattered by light can only be returned unto itself…..that which is separate can only ever be whole….such is the law….

Key of Light cards are Light-Emergent  

Mother to the many

…a fragment of fractured light turns its attention inwards. It knows itself to be whole….and as the Great Eye revolves upon the pedestal of light, all comes full circle… Dark is complete, Light is transformed…..and so it begins….again….

Key of Light cards are the beginning, middle and end

Doorways to the infinite, bridges through time

Eye of God

Vesica Piscis

Key of Light
















Vesica Piscis

When the Pure Light of Spirit shattered the fabric of the Void it gave birth to the Great Cause…that which had only ever experienced wholeness, completeness, unity was soon to know isolation, loneliness, forgetfulness….It was about to enter the great separation….Yet in the beginning that separation was intact…the many colours of the rainbow were whole, complete in their beginning fragmented state……Each knew the other as only themselves….whole yet separate….individual but One…..and for a brief moment in time it was so….

Rainbow suit is fractured light in Wholeness

A journey of creation as Spirit expresses wholeness in matter

Then came the split.....for the Great Cause, once set in motion, must be played out....And so light ceased to know itself as light, dark knew not dark, and the land of shadows came into being.… Shadows infused with colour.....

Seed of Life

And so it was the many colours of the rainbow came into being…..There was beauty in the land of shadows….there was richness in diversity…and there was glory in their perfectly polarised condition…. So all was not lost, the Great Cause had established its way….and it had…. a Plan….

Seven coloured suits mark the rainbow as fractured light

Each suit  is infused with intention through seed thought

Impregnated with Absolute Order through symbol

Inspired by the Seven Rays of Life*

*In the teachings of the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, through the writings of Alice A. Bailey

Three master cards create an inner prism

Triple toroidal vortex with triquetra as its foundation




Aspects of Absolute run as a river through every card

Symbol to top right on reverse shows its affinity with one of these aspects

(click on card backs below to view)

Prism gives birth to inner rainbow

Eight suits illustrate the rainbow in its varying degrees of fragmentation




Inner Rainbow

Seven suits, through symbol and seed thought, offer a bigger picture‘group conscious’ perspective to each card

Rainbow unites the seven where all is synthesised into a Way of Wholeness









Inner Structure

From light to shadow and return….

The journey from wholeness to separation and return is rooted in the land of shadows where, until the flower of awakening opens to the Light within, forgetfulness is its only nutrient; the path of return begins at this point of recognition. Key of Light cards, through their alignment with natural order, assist in this. How? Within the infinite Light of Absolute are ‘Life’ Aspects essential to Its Being-ness - Love, Will and Intelligence – which run, as a river, through every life form; this outer ‘Appearance’ is Spirit in matter. Intrinsic to both is consciousness, or Soul expression, which colours the ‘currents’ within this river with certain ‘Qualities.’ Each card, using symbol and word on reverse, reflects this.

Inner Rainbow

As white light passes through a prism, it fractures, and the seven colours of the rainbow are birthed. Integral to Key of Light cards is this process. Three ‘master’ cards (Will, Love, Intelligence), as well as being Aspects of Absolute, serve as a metaphorical prism to create seven rainbow coloured suits; the eighth unifies the fractured seven and is the rainbow in its entirety. The front of each card offers a more pictorial perspective with light being expressed as a ‘vision of reality,’ or reflective ‘facet’ of the whole; fractal and hologram in one. Follow the journey below to see how it all works out.

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Inner Diamond

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