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Key of Light cards include

144 cards with tuck box


Card Stand

Black velvet bag

Crafted with care, inspired through love

Intuitive daily guidance

Art of Contemplation

Suggestions for use

Inner Rainbow

40 pages

Explore the Way of Wholeness

Nest perfectly inside tuck box

Key of Light Inner Structure

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Product Information

Cards are large tarot size (89 x 127mm), printed in UK* using high quality professional grade 320gsm linen coated card stock. This ensures maximum durability and flexibility, making them easy to use, fan, and shuffle; they can also be wiped clean if necessary. The coating gives a textured, layered, feel where the images (especially) take on an ethereal quality, inviting you to delve deep into its mystery. Large tarot size gives a pictorial quality and allows subtle nuances within each image to, not only be seen with clarity,  but to become almost tangible as you explore.  Booklet has a luxurious feel, printed on silk paper with colour cover and black and white text, double-stapled with small spine. As stated above, cards and booklet are supplied with tuck box, again 320gsm card stock, but without the textured coating. Card-Stand is hand-made by the author using 300gsm stamping board; a welcome touch to bring the sacred into your contemplations. Create an altar, or sacred space of your choosing, place your chosen card upon the stand, and it becomes easily visible from a distance; a gentle reminder for you to align with its qualities as you go about your daily life. Finally, a double-drawstring black velvet bag is included to, once again, bring the sacred, the great womb of creation, into your conscious awareness. All in all, Key of Light cards are in themselves unique in every aspect, but when you take on the combined significance of the products included within this package, you have the perfect ingredients for making the ‘Way of Wholeness’ an everyday reality. You soon come to wonder how life could ever have been any different.

*Printed by Spingold Design and Print Ltd.