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Inner Alchemy

Four, eight or nine cards

Symbol: Equal armed cross

The equal armed cross as depicted here with ‘legs’ on each arm, is a very ancient and sacred symbol. It is the Antahkarana, otherwise known as the Rainbow Bridge,  and facilitates the merging of Spirit with matter. In the path of evolution, such as we are concerned with here, it signifies the ‘bridge-building’ journey from life in sleep to full waking consciousness; each arm being a stepping stone across the great river of ignorance.  The ‘legs’ generate movement, a propelling or instigating force, that belies the static appearance of the cross if it were to stand alone; it is in fact, a clockwise spiral, the direction of integration and ultimately, synthesis.

Seventh Ray Essence - Ceremonial Order and Magic

The seventh ray, where the ‘highest and lowest’ meet, sees the most refined vibrations of Spirit penetrate deep into the heart of matter. In esoteric astrology its cosmic distributors chart a path through the heavens that help us to see our path of return. That which began in Aries as a spark, an impulse to create, finds its way into the mass consciousness of humanity to arrive in Cancer, sign of the mother and the home; male, Spirit, has impregnated its feminine counterpart, matter, with its Will to exist. The home, of course, refers to the Light of the Soul, whose essence is love, found within the heart of physicality; ‘I build a lighted house and therein dwell,’ is the perfect keynote for this sign. Its polar opposite, Capricorn, encourages ‘the crab’ to emerge from the safety of its shell and rise to the heights of worldly ambition. A moment of awakening subsequently sees the Capricorn initiate crumble to its knees when the false reality is recognised for what it is; the ‘lighted dweller’ within then ascends the mountaintop of spiritual realisation, and is eventually liberated from the bounds of flesh to emerge as the world server in Aquarius. Uranus, sole planetary distributor of this ray, is agent of this awakening. Most importantly, at this period in Earth’s history, the seventh ray heralds the emergence of the Aquarian age, era of the group, where conscious cooperation and the will to good are cornerstones to right human relationship. All has come full circle, what began as a flame in a ‘lighted house,’ has made its way to the height of self-serving individualism, then fallen at the final gate to emerge as servant to the whole; Divine Will is expressed through ordered intelligence in matter.  

Use this layout to consciously forge a bridge to the Soul, to expose that which impedes your progress, and to embrace those qualities which, at this moment in time, will be of most benefit to integration.  Light and shadow, personality and Soul, qualities must be embraced equally to gain maximum benefit from this reading.


Having first set your alignment intention, begin by selecting four cards. Place them on their respective places as shown in layout, where:





Don't be in a rush to choose more cards, take some time to assimilate, and honestly reflect upon the message each card is offering relative to its place on the map. Now choose one card from the Rainbow suit, this sits at position 5, and is the bigger picture perspective assisting you in the integration process. Again, don't rush.  Let each layer sink deep into your being, feel it on every level, until arises as a new way; a new you. Change, when embraced in this manner, is alchemical; it creates a new expression of the old you. Finally, if it feels right, you might choose four more cards. Place these on the ‘legs’ and consider them to be the driving force that sets the spiral of integration in motion. This is a powerful reading, not to be hurried, but to be contemplated, assimilated, and integrated over time.

Walk the Rainbow

Eight cards

Symbol: Seed of Life

Seven concentric circles when arranged in this manner constitute the seed of life geometry. Like all seeds it holds a perfect blueprint of its future self. Expanding in ever increasing rounds of ordered circles it blossoms into the flower, ripens into fruit and ultimately releases its divine potential in the form of metatron’s cube; the seeds of physicality are birthed through this geometry as the platonic solids (see diagrams below). The beauty of sacred geometry is that it provides the perfect platform for contemplating the subtle, as well as the more obvious, aspects of our day by day interactions within our personal panorama. Every moment, with each thought, word, and deed we sow seeds that, at some point in time, will bear fruit as reality; once sown there is no turning back, divine order will work out, and your ‘wish’ is obeyed as if it were a command. Key of Light cards, particularly when your focused intention is channelled through this layout, present an opportunity to ensure those seeds will ripen for the good of, not only yourself, but for humanity and our world as a whole.

Rainbow Essence

The rainbow suit in its entirety encompasses, whilst at the same time transcends, all seven rays. It can be likened to a diamond where, owing to its high refractive index, the light inside is able to maintain its purity and brilliance, diamond clear-light yet, when presented with an external light source, at one and the same time, transmits its inner ‘fire’ outwards to create multi-coloured rainbows; fractured light. The diamond therefore, is both fractured and clear, untainted, light. All cards within the Rainbow suit are imbibed with these qualities which is why they play such a significant part in the awakening process during these readings. Consider therefore, when you choose one of these cards that they may present as a separate aspect, or thread, of consciousness, the energy or presence underpinning them inwardly, is pure and undefiled; whole and complete.

Use this layout when you are ready to begin a conscientious journey inwards, when you are able to dedicate some time in your life to move beyond habitual behavioural responses or when the calling of the Soul can no longer be denied. This does not have to mean isolation from friends or family etc., although a period of ‘retreat’ may be beneficial, it can easily be blended into daily life. Just like the diamond, inner clarity may prevail whilst reflecting, and embracing, the many ‘colours of the rainbow’ outwardly; this is Walking the Rainbow, you are in the world but not of it. The section below offers two of many ways to approach this reading. It is suggested you begin with method one, it will ease you in gently and help you to become familiar with the ‘diamond’ way of living. When you are comfortable try method two.  


Method One: Introducing the Diamond - Nine days

Choose eight cards, one from each suit, and arrange them as per the layout in the symbol (middle) above; the Rainbow card is always the ‘containing’ circle, being the presiding presence offering clarity from the inner diamond. This layout is a hexagram (six-pointed star) where:

1-3 = matter raised to Spirit (evolutionary journey)

4-6 = Spirit descending into matter (involutionary journey)

7 = integration - the glue that ensures the six are experienced as one

8 = presiding presence as diamond consciousness

Take some time to ‘play,’ let your eyes scan the ‘visions,’ notice any sensations or insights that may arise, then turn the cards over and do the same with the symbols and words on the reverse. Rearrange the cards if you feel inspired. This is day one; pay attention to your chosen Rainbow, read the daily guidance and use it as an anchor to awaken you to your inner most self, allow the energy of this card to permeate your being; it will be a holding presence every day for the next week as you introduce a new card each day. For the next seven days, shuffle the remaining cards and choose a single card as your focus for the day, using the daily guidance as before. Follow this procedure for the rest of the week choosing a different card every day. On completion you will have reflected upon each of the cards from your reading. On day nine arrange your cards in the Rainbow layout and contemplate them as a whole. Don't forget to write down any insights in your Rainbow journal. You may want to repeat this method several times before engaging with method two.

Method Two: Integration - Timeless

This uses the same methodology as the first Rainbow reading but is far more in-depth and not constrained by time; it takes as long as it takes. Begin by choosing your eight cards, place them within the layout, and consider carefully the daily guidance, symbol and image, as before. This is where the similarity ends. Instead of choosing a single card daily you now enter into the full spectrum of readings, one through to seven, using the same eight cards (including Rainbow) with no limit as to the time spent on each. Use your intuition, move from one to the next when it feels right, and try not to follow a linear approach. Upon completion you will not only know your chosen cards intimately, from many perspectives, but will have a working understanding of the multi-faceted diamond through which they, as the inner you, express their essence.

Clarity of Mind

Five cards

Symbol: Pentagram

A familiar symbol, popular with Wicca (witchcraft) traditions, the five-pointed star symbolises the perfected human being; man’s inseparable relationship with Spirit, where the upward pointing triangle, Spirit, stands superior to the lower four - the four elements of matter. However, this symbol is universal and the five points have been assigned in many ways according to the principles of the system they represent. Here its alignment is to the expression of mind and card layouts are reflected accordingly. Expression through the pentagram may thus be approached in two (at least) ways: circular (feminine - heart) or linearly (masculine - mind). As we are employing this symbol to express qualities of mind, the linear approach is taken, although not in linear way! N.B. when using the feminine way, direction is always clockwise, aligning with the spiral of integration (anti-clockwise denotes polarity and descent into matter).

Fifth Ray Essence - Concrete Knowledge and Science

The fifth ray unites human being, the Soul and Spirit through the medium of mind; the ‘three minds’ being, intellect (human), group (Soul) and universal (Spirit). The plane of mind is the realm where the Soul resides. It is therefore an obvious ground upon which they may meet, and emphasises why this ray is so important for the integration of body and Soul, Spirit and matter; it also shows clearly why the leading edge of the Aquarian age lies through development of the intellect using ‘concrete’ and ‘scientific’ methods - the only ray transmitted through the constellation Aquarius is the fifth. Essentially, this ray is concerned with the middle principal, the Soul, so all distributors are imbibed with qualities to facilitate its union. Finally, Venus as sole planetary distributor is the pure expression of the universal mind – Spirit - and functions to transmute knowledge into wisdom. Consider the mind to be as a cloud veiling the sun, when it is seen and known for what it is the clouds dissipate to reveal the light of love that is always there; the illumined mind of the Soul is able to shine through the muddied waters of daily life.

Use this layout to know the subtle vibrations of mind. Travel beyond the intellect, expand your current frame of reference to welcome the group- conscious awareness more attuned to the plane of the Soul. Expand further where every inner let go sees the Universal mind of Spirit reveal the intelligent life force underpinning every life form. The greater your refinement, the deeper your exploration, and the more your willingness to surrender all that you ‘know,’ the richer will be your reward. The more you work with this layout, the sooner you come to see the greatest gift that is proffered is not in knowing mind but in experiencing the soil within which it grows.     


Shuffle the cards and choose five from any suit. Place them in the order shown in the layout, where:

1 = Universal mind or Spirit

2 = Human intuitive mind

3 = Group mind (Soul) - Love

4 = Group mind (Soul) - Wisdom

5 = Human logical mind or intellect

Consider carefully each card - suit, aspect, quality - and how it marries with the energy of the plane of mind through which it is expressed. Your logical mind will try hard to understand or to ‘make it fit’ your idea of how things should be. Resist any temptation to move them to another position. This is how your higher aspects have presented it so let go and be open to clarity appearing in its own time. Once you have given it a go and if you feel inspired to play, use the same cards and try the feminine, circular, expression of the symbol. Shuffle and, beginning at number one (Universal mind), lay the cards in a clockwise direction - the meaning of each position is the same as above. Keep playing with these two methods, fine tune your inner senses, until you have a clear sense of knowing how the intuitive and logical minds are expressed through you.

Awakening Inner Vision

Four cards

Symbol: Cloud

Clouds are indicative of dreams, nebulous in nature, hard to get hold of, or even to remember, and as such have very little bearing on reality. Or do they? Without dreams, without the power to envision or to imagine humankind would still be living in the dark ages. In the words of Einstein, “imagination is the most powerful force in the universe, so is it any wonder we turn to its ‘vision’ when setting the intention for this reading. Underpinning the nebulous nature of this suit symbol is a geometry which, far from being airy fairy, is rooted in matter; four concentric circles express a double vesica piscis whose intersection is centred inside the bigger picture inner ‘eye.’ The number four has, at its heart, practicality married with an intention to put ideas into form; in other words it is the bridge between the inner vision and the outer reality. The message of this symbol is to look beyond the clouds which veil the sun, to go deep into its nature, and to bring forth the inner visioner that is the true creator of reality.

Sixth Ray Essence - Devotion and Idealism

The sixth ray is love at its most polarised. At its depth, it bears witness to the most extreme expression of self-centred love, fraught with conditions that waft to and fro with the opinions of others. Transpersonal Love of the Divine is at its height where a compassionate heart is its only expression. On a global scale, extremes in polarity give rise to the religious fanatic on the one hand, and through the life of Christ, the world saviour, on the other. Two constellations highlight the familiar story that is the life of Christ; Virgo, as Mother Mary, nurtures the Christ child until he is ready to begin his life of service. Pisces, sign of the fishes, is not only indicative of the world saviour, but also of sacrifice and ultimately, following death through crucifixion, sign of resurrection; Christ transcendent. The sixth ray epitomises the life of Christ and has dictated the consciousness of humanity for the past 2000yrs; religious fanaticism, guru worship, blind idealism, are all significant keynotes. However, although still in evidence to this day, the tide is turning. Sagittarius, third constellation distributing this ray, is the higher mind and rotates mass consciousness inwards where the light of the Soul awaits the devotee’s unbridled service. Two planetary distributors assist; Mars, the fiery aspirant, harnesses its rage into fuel for the soul. Neptune, lord of the sea, planet of illusion is, at its heart, the visionary and ‘visioner of reality,’ whose currents bear fruit in compassionate waters.  

Use this layout when you cannot see the wood for the trees, when you need to ignite an impetus for change, and when the source of direction is beyond the scope of your current knowing. Pay attention to those areas in your life when you become fixated, obsessed, or are closed to any viewpoint but your own. This layout, set with intention, can introduce a broader perspective where your mind and your heart are suddenly set free. But first, you have to wish it to be so. Inner vision can only be woken when the heart is true and mind set to purpose other than its own.


Shuffle the cards and choose four from any suit. Place them in position as shown on the layout (middle symbol above) where:

1 = the dream

2 = direction or guidance

3 = the vision

4 = [new] reality

Take some time to absorb the messages being expressed through the images, turn the cards over and do the same with reverse, let go of any need to interpret and just be present with what is. Now, read the daily guidance for each card; writing it in your journal helps to anchor in its message. If you feel inspired to change card positions, go with it, listen to your inner guidance. Reaching number 4 is not an end. It is a beginning. Keep returning to number 1, then start again. You will find your vision and subsequent appearance as reality shifts, changes and unfolds with each turning of the wheel. Be patient, creative expression is worth the wait.


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Which layout to choose?

The way in to all layouts is very simple. Shuffle all the cards and choose one. Notice the suit symbol on reverse (bottom centre) - this decides the reading. Your chosen card is the first in whichever layout is applicable.