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Light Emergent

Two cards

Symbol: a point within a circle

The circle, in this instance, is the ‘eyeball’ within the vesica piscis ‘eye of God,’ through which Great Spirit may, not only view the landscape of Its domain, but create a space into which it may emanate its light; the point is that emanation, a continuous outpouring force, within which the Will, Love and Intelligence of Divine manifestation is transmitted. Bear this in mind when considering the energies of your chosen cards during readings using this layout.

First Ray Essence - Will or Power

The first ray is the primary impulse that arises through the most pure and primal of intentions; the will to exist. However, it is far more than bringing life to physical existence. It penetrates to the core of every life form it touches, to infuse all with Purpose; Divine Purpose. In daily life this works out as the ‘Will to Good’ where every evolutionary turn of the spiral results in a more inclusive approach to reality. But beware, its method, using fiery will, is total annihilation of the old before a new way may come into being.

Use this layout to bring the inner and outer into intimate relationship. When a new beginning or way of being is on the horizon it is too easy to fall back on old, familiar ways, or coping mechanisms. This layout introduces a new way, a transpersonal perspective, where guidance, and resultant new expression, has at its core the Source of all beginnings (and endings); Divine Will.


Choose one card from the Rainbow suit. This represents the circle in the symbol and is the bigger picture; energy that is available to you should you choose to accept its gift. Now, choose a second card from any other suit. This is the point within the circle and the initiatory force leading to a new way of being. Remember letting go of any preconceived outcome or agenda is prelude to embracing the new.

Love Transcendent

Four or five cards

Symbol: Crucified Cross

Notice how this symbol fills the vesica piscis ‘eye;’ there is no circle/sphere, no container, as the very act of engaging with this layout implies total surrender to the energies it embodies, as did Christ when he was nailed to the cross. In a like manner, the personality, or ego, is crucified that the love of the Soul may control the outer form - you. There is also another very important dynamic to this symbol. The relationship between the long arm and the short, in sacred geometry, is known as the Divine proportion, or phi. Look at the relationship between every joint in your body (upper to lower arm to hand to the phalanges on your fingers etc.) and you will see they comply with this divine ratio. In other words, every aspect of matter is divinely orchestrated. This, in itself, is a huge asset when considering the journey upon which you are about to embark. Phi, the divine proportion, is a spiral, finely attuned to Love divine, and called into play when the lower gives of itself to the higher.

Second Ray Essence - Love Wisdom

The underlying force governing our universe is love. It is the intuitive ‘glue’ that ensures, at some point in our evolutionary journey, two will become one. The second ray, therefore, is concerned with how this all-pervasive, all-inclusive, force is coalesced within a world whose foundation lies in separation. Personality, Soul and Spirit, as modes of human consciousness, determine the degree to which we respond ‘in love’ to daily challenges. The personality is often self-centred and selective but, as the sacrificial lamb is crucified upon the cross of desire (2nd ray symbol), Soul consciousness emerges; love for humanity as a whole, including personality, becomes its natural mode of expression. Spirit, as Love Divine, transcends all separates where nothing exists outside the pure vibration of love.

Use this layout for balancing the horizontal (personality) and vertical (Soul) life. Not an easy task, for it requires two opposing forces - resistance and surrender - to work together in unison. No wonder the symbol is the crucified cross! However, when personal desire is offered upon the altar of Love Transcendent then the inner lotus of the heart cannot fail to blossom; honest reflection, and acceptance, of the energies revealed through your chosen cards lead the way.



Choose four cards from any suit. Place one at each ‘arm.’ The short arm is your daily life, the longer, the incoming energies of the vertical life available to you now. Try not to use your mind during placement, listen to your intuition and, with relaxed focus, move the cards as you are inwardly directed. Give it some time for the energies of your chosen cards to arise as inner knowing, then if you feel so inspired choose a fifth card to rest at the centre of the cross. This ‘cements’ the reading into reality; the method through which it achieves this is revealed through the card.

Intelligent Activity

Three cards

Symbol: Triad

The triad, triangle, or tetrahedron is a stable geometry that facilitates change through unification. In constant motion, yet seemingly static, it allows all that is dual to express itself from a state of wholeness. Consider the Trinity, in its many forms, where each aspect of divinity is expressed without any loss or supremacy over the others; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is its modus operandi.

Third Ray Essence - Active Intelligence

This is the ray of intelligent activity, the universal Mind of God, and takes the first outpouring of Spirit, deep into the heart of matter, through ordered intelligence. Infused with Love and Purpose, it ensures every appearance, whether human, animal, mineral or vegetable, is finely attuned to the rhythm of the Great Cosmic metronome; Divine Will. Time and space come under its auspices, as do cycles of birth, life and death; planetary orbits, phases of the moon, creatures of land, sea and air, owe their innate modus operandi to the intelligent activity of this ray. At its heart is the principle of balance where polar opposites are brought to a point of unity in accordance with cosmic Law; it IS the middle path. In terms of human consciousness it encompasses the full spectrum of life in physical form from the moment of incarnation, through evolutionary growth, to eventual rebirth into the realm of Spirit.

Use this layout, on a personal level, to balance your inner core dualities - masculine/feminine, child/present adult, True Self/false self. From a broader perspective, explore the cyclic nature of time - birth, life, death - and how responsive you are to its flow within your daily challenges. Finally, as this is the sphere of activity, look at your propensity to busyness, even nature in its perpetual state of change has time to rest, so must you. Dualities apply to each and every one of us and extend beyond the realm of the personal. Use this layout to move beyond your individual story, to become one with the human family as a whole, and to awaken to the underlying intelligence that informs all life forms. Broaden your horizons to include all the kingdoms in nature whether human, divine or intra-planetary.


First of all, using your inner guidance, decide which attributes, duality (child/adult  m/f etc.) cycles in time, or busyness/stillness, you wish to work with. Now choose two cards from any suit to represent the opposing ‘poles’. Spend some time assimilating the energies they each embody - symbol, image, seed thought etc. Let go of any preconceived idea you may have as to how they ‘should’ appear or ‘fit in.’ Go deeper and allow the wisdom of your inner knowing to merge with the gifts being shared. When you are ready, choose one more card from either the Light (green) or Rainbow suit. This is the presiding presence, the ‘glue’ that draws each ‘separate’ to itself; it brings the gift of wholeness and cements the triad into reality.

Conflict Resolution - The Beauty Way

Two or three cards

Symbol: Two diagonal crosses

When confusion, misunderstanding or conflict arises it is often said each is at cross purpose to the other; the significance of this symbol couldn't therefore, be clearer. It extends beyond the central vesica ‘eye,’ filling the two circles in their entirety. This implies there is work to be done in bringing the two to a point of resolution, and also illustrates the degree to which the two poles are apart; only two suit symbols express polarity to this extreme - Beauty and Truth - a vital clue as to the purpose behind their respective expressions.

Fourth Ray Essence - Harmony through Conflict

The fourth is the ray of humanity and, aside from marking man’s preponderance to polarise everything dual it also draws to the surface his interminable battle with himself. The symbol could not be clearer, two crosses side by side, symbolising the battlefield and endless war of divisive thought that defines 21st century life on planet earth. Seed thought, together with ray essence, offer clear direction as to the way forward; unity must prevail. Everything about this ray, therefore, points to the polarisation of core dualities but of far more import to one who has turned his attention inwards, is the glaring chasm between heart and mind; thought and feelings.

Use this layout to explore polarity in your life. Every conflicting view, each separate part or divisive opinion has, at some point, the potential for resolution. The art of living lies in bringing these opposing forces into relationship and eventually into a place of harmony where each appreciates the qualities and expressions of the other without judgement. This may present externally as an ‘other’ or internally between different aspects; heart and mind, body and spirit etc. Ultimately, when all apparent separates are embraced as reflective attributes of the inner you then every challenge, every life event, becomes a blessing. Life is viewed as a gift, with diversity as its greatest asset, and a sense of wonderment ensues as the ‘Way of Beauty’ translates into reality.     


This layout is simple. Choose two cards from any suit, each being an opposing end of the pole giving rise to conflict; this may be an inner or outer process, each are equally valid and essential in the route to wholeness. Take time to consider carefully, look beyond the obvious interpretation, and be open to a new layer, or bigger picture, to reveal itself. A third card may be chosen to bring clarity - this sits between the two, in a linear way, and is the centre of the ‘eye’ in the symbol. It promotes clear-seeing through shifting your perspective to the other side, as if you are viewing the situation through the All-seeing Eye of Absolute.

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The way in to all layouts is very simple. Shuffle all the cards and choose one. Notice the suit symbol on reverse (bottom centre) - this decides the reading. Your chosen card is the first in whichever layout is applicable.