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144 Cards - Why?

It is said Truth is a multi-faceted diamond. In sacred geometry it is expressed as the Christ Consciousness grid, numbering 144 facets; the number of light is also 144. When passed through a prism white light creates a rainbow, whilst consciousness uses the same principles to express fractured light as the inner rainbow. Consciously embedded within each Key of Light card are these qualities of natural order. They serve as a mirror to reflect the light within whilst also engaging intimately with reality, both light and shadow, in daily life. Rich in symbol, including sacred geometry and the seven rays, with stunning visual imagery and intuitive seed thoughts, they encourage you to know the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is not something to be chased; it is right here, right now. All you have to do is open your heart and step inside.

Seven, Eight and Nine

*Inspired by the teachings of the Tibetan, Djwal Khul, in the writings of Alice A. Bailey

Symbol, Imagery and Seed Thought

In summary

Key of Light cards are the culmination of a life-times work where the fruits of the author’s rich inner journey are married with many years of research, contemplation and study into ageless wisdom teachings; sacred geometry, symbol and number are but a few. Initially published as three individual decks (Visions of Reality, Stillness Speaks and Nature’s Way) they have now been honed down, stripped to their core and reborn as a Way of Wholeness. 26 new images are included, whilst others have been removed; every card back has been revised, symbols adjusted, and seed thoughts revisited. In short, there is nothing random about this deck; every symbol, colour and vision has as its origin the substance of creation. Natural order flows, as a river, through every facet of the diamond it embodies. To find out more follow the arrows at the bottom of each KOL page or select from the drop down menu above. Ordering is through our online shop here.

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