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a sacred space where you may pause, reflect and explore.… a space where the light of your Soul touches you with gentle acceptance and guides you on your journey, to leave you forever changed…

It’s essence is LIGHT. Grounded in the timeless Science of Light Manifestation, it employs the Language of Light - symbol and image - to communicate with the highest levels of your being. Transformational tools in the form of contemplation cards, intuitive writing and esoteric teachings assist you in awakening the light within, changing your perspective on reality, to bring inner peace, balance and harmony into your daily life.

In short, Visions of Reality is an invitation to…..

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Explore the Way of Wholeness

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Discover the Way of Wholeness


Please use the contact us link below for information on upcoming workshops and events. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Visions of Reality: Art of Synthesis

Walk the Rainbow: Explore the Way of Wholeness…coming soon!

Walk the Rainbow: Discover the Way of wholeness…coming soon!

Walk the Rainbow: Understand the Way of Wholeness…coming soon!

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Visions of Reality

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Visionary art available as prints, posters or canvases. See ArtShop for details.

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