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Rainbow Activities take the essence of Visions of Reality into the community or group aspect of everyday life. They offer a warm and supportive environment where members may engage with like minded people to explore 'walking the rainbow' in a multi-dimensional arena of themed activities. These fall into three energy streams:

‘Rainbow ‘ Esoteric Teachings

'Rainbow’ programs for those who wish to know and understand themselves as multi-dimensional beings of light, who wish to move beyond the boundaries set in place by their limiting belief systems and who are committed to living a harmonious and inclusive way of life . Founded upon the Science of Light Manifestation, marrying intellectual understanding, through ageless wisdom teachings, with intuitive knowing, the left and right brain, it is the 'Art of Synthesis' expressed in daily life. Encompasses the essence of the understanding heart whilst also encouraging a true spirit of the understanding community through sharing, and above all, valuing, individual qualities amongst group members.

The Understanding Heart

light activities including ancient wisdom forums, meditation circles and 'know thyself'’ support groups. Informal sessions offered to those who wish to sample the richness of the 'visions' experience in a way that empowers you, as an individual, whilst encouraging group awareness. Develops a true spirit of the understanding community through sharing and honouring of individual talents amongst group members. These sessions are also ideal for those who are unfamiliar with 'light' activities or communities and offer a friendly, relaxed environment to meet friends, new and old, or to sample 'something different.'

Light Community

light' social activities centred around the multi-faceted dimension of creativity where knowing is spontaneously awakened 'in the moment!' Includes 'Shine your inner light' mini breaks or holidays, meditative painting, inspirational film nights, social activities etc.

In short, each of these avenues of expression is an opportunity for you to.....

Rainbow Teachings

Walk the Rainbow

Seven Rays

Sacred geometry

Understanding Heart

Creative Contemplations

Rainbow Circles

Light Forums

Light Community

Introductory Talks

Creative Expression

Shine your Inner Light retreats/mini breaks

One to One sessions

Live the Way of Wholeness

Esoteric Understanding Workshops Community One on Ones