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Visions of Reality

Light Keys to Body

Light suit - your thoughts

Love suit - your feelings

Visions of Reality symbol is made up of three aspects:

Circle – SPIRIT, also being the container for the star tetrahedron.

Star tetrahedron – BODY, the only 3d symbol across all three packs.

Wave – SOUL, is also in intimate relationship with circle, semi-circle and spiral.

The suits represented by each of these symbols are as follows:-

CircleLove suit, indigo in colour, being the second ray of love-wisdom, and the emotional body.

Star TetrahedronPower suit, red, being the first ray of will and power and the physical body.

WaveLight suit, green, being the third ray of active intelligence and the mental body.

Symbol in entiretyBeyond all Systems, seven colours of rainbow, is the amalgamation of all seven rays, seven chakras and the seven circles in the seed of life. Mental, emotional and physical bodies function as one.

Contemplating the interplay and alignment between these three symbols reveals how the three personality aspects may be brought into balance to facilitate integration with the Soul. As already stated, the star tetrahedron is contained within the circle, power and will is tempered by love; they function as a unit supported by the wave, the mental body and intelligence aspect.

The wave is the only obvious dynamic aspect of the symbol indicating a flexible intelligent mind is key to harmonising the other two bodies. Translating this into daily life, when the mind is able to ‘shift’ its perspective and detach from emotional dramas, it is able to see clearly. Drawing upon the inherent relationship between circle and wave, the mind and heart function as one which enables integration to manifest on the physical level; acting with clarity to external stimulus, particularly emotional, results in peace and harmony in daily life. This is wisdom, the intelligence aspect of the second ray, represented in the symbol by the circle.

Finally, in this symbol, we see the union of not only the three primary rays but also, in ‘Beyond all Systems,’ the gathering of all seven rays together with the level of integration to which this union demonstrates. Visions of Reality, whilst being the ‘body,’ the lowest of the spiritual bodies, is therefore the Ultimate in spiritual potential; it is Spirit manifest in matter, heaven on earth. Bear this in mind when contemplating your chosen cards.

Beyond all Systems - you as an individual

Power suit - physical body

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