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Stillness Speaks

Light Keys to the Soul

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Stillness Speaks symbol is made up of three aspects:

Circle – SPIRIT, the container for triads, triangle and three petals.

Triangle – BODY, container for the three petals.

Petals – SOUL, colours reflect the three primary rays – will and power (red), love-wisdom (indigo) and active intelligence (green) each ray is a semi-circle, the Soul aspect.

The symbols for the suits represented by each aspect of the ‘whole’ are more subtle in nature and not as obvious as those reflected in the ‘visions’ symbol. They feature geometric structures and are as follows:-

CircleSongs of the Cosmos suit, violet in colour, being the seventh ray of ceremonial order and magic/alchemy. It is represented by the TORUS the circle and seed of life in action.

TriangleDoorways suit, orange, being the fifth ray of concrete knowledge and science. It is represented by METATRON’S CUBE, the geometry that gives birth to all five platonic solids, three of which have the triangle at their core.

PetalsJourneys of the Soul suit, colour yellow, being the fourth ray of harmony through conflict. It is symbolised by the SEED OF LIFE, seven interlocking circles with six petals at the centre.

Symbol in its entirety  (above) – Synthesis suit, light blue and indigo. It is the sixth ray of devotion and idealism and the second ray of love-wisdom….. …..

Journeys of the Soul - Plane of Divine Love

Song of the Cosmos - Plane of Divine Will

Doorways - Plane of Mind

Synthesis - you as the Soul


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