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Nature’s Way

Light Keys to Spirit

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Nature’s Way symbol is complete in itself; it has no integral components and hence, no suits. The third ray of natural intelligence runs as a river throughout the entire pack but, unlike the third ray in Visions of Reality which stands for the human intellectual mind, in this case it reflects the mind of God.

The spiral, as has already been stated, is directly related to the circle; its inherent nature is the same. Therefore, it is Spirit. However, unlike the Spirit aspect within the suits in the previous two packs, this reflection of Spirit is entire. It is not a part, it is the whole. Every card within Nature’s Way features natural creative intelligence, the mind of God, in the form of nature ‘devas’ and sacred geometric form, they embody the perfect divine blueprint, and as such are Spirit manifest in matter.  

As we refine our vibrations the paradox of Truth emerges. Expansion of conscious awareness increases inner knowing, profound understanding of the cycles of life becomes clear, and we become far more than what we were as ‘ordinary’ human beings. The paradox is, the more we expand, the less we become. From being ‘complex’ personalities with many small selves, we dissolve into nothing, and we realise we are all ‘things’ whilst being no-thing. This is the profound simplicity of Spirit, and the essence of ‘life’ itself.

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