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Visions of Reality

Art of Synthesis

Far more than a book, 'Visions of Reality - Art of Synthesis' is an invitation for you to partake in the secret of life itself, and 'life' in this instance is you, the reader. The relationship you have with the material held within its pages enables it to be transformed and taken forward into your world, to create your reality. YOU, quite literally, breathe life into the form. A synthesis of striking image, symbol and poetry, grounded in ancient wisdom from timeless spiritual traditions, it leads you onwards to surrender all, in favour of that which you know to be your true essence. If you value all that is light and true, and sincerely seek to move beyond the confines of separation consciousness, then please open your heart and accept this invitation... "Have you the courage? Dare you be free?"

"...one of the most original books that I ever read and I have been fascinated by its content. The pictures, together with an almost poetical text, will help the reader to enter a spiritual consciousness that will lighten the mind on the journey through this life." Ann Richards, Apple Pips Editing Services.

 "Barbara's work organically invites a process of unfolding timeless inner wisdom...it enables a process of awakening the inner teacher and connects profound understanding from the light of truth of our own inner source into our daily challenges." Ronald Holt. Director Flower of Life Research USA.

"It is rare to find a book of this genre that can be worked with wherever you are on your spiral of development, a book of wisdom that generously empowers you to see your own inner sacredness.Both transpersonal and Alchemical, it really does what it says on the cover; it is the "Art of Synthesis" Angela Morse. Flower of Life Facilitator. UK

Walk the Rainbow - Book 2

Discover the Way of Wholeness

Walk the Rainbow Book Two is a book of discoveries! It takes all the material assembled under the ‘Visions’ umbrella, defines it in easy to understand categories, and  links all the parts together using a system of keywords. Key of Light cards, systems of ancient wisdom and your journey of discovery come together in a way that inspires you to explore further.

It may be viewed as a resource for research that ‘facts’ about a particular card, system or structure may be discovered and linked together. This book used in conjunction with the cards encourages you to find your own way amongst the material presented and enables you to gain a basic understanding of how the parts knit together; its focus is on knowledge.

However, this is more than a book of facts. Knowledge, particularly when combined with image and symbol, is a sound foundation for awakening the intuition – higher knowledge or inner knowing. It holds within it the seed of understanding.

Walk the Rainbow - Book 3

Understand the Way of Wholeness

Walk the Rainbow Book Three is a comprehensive guidebook that expands upon and deepens your research to encourage development of the inner teacher, where knowledge becomes intuitive understanding. Extensive research into the three systems of ancient wisdom teachings is explained in such a manner that a complete tapestry is formed; individual systems are synthesised to become far more than the sum of their parts. This holistic tapestry is then married with you, your organic process of inner expansion, and your daily life.

In simple terms, Book 2 awakens intimate understanding of the workings of the Soul, or higher Self, in its own realm using intellectual knowledge, symbol and intuitive inner knowing; ancient wisdom teachings being the foundation for the knowledge aspect and symbol, image and seed thought, the intuitive. Walk the Rainbow in its entirety, together with Key of Light cards, may be viewed as a recipe book for the Soul.

In a nutshell, Book One contains the essential ‘ingredients’ to live the ‘Way of Wholeness’ whilst Books 2 and 3 are the method by which they are knitted together; the integral process by which the two become one is the Art of Synthesis.

Books and eBooks

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Walk the Rainbow - Book 1

Explore the Way of Wholeness

‘Explore,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Understand’ are the keywords used to describe both inner and outer journeys. They are echoed in the subtitles of each ‘Walk the Rainbow’ publication and offer gentle encouragement, as well as structured progress, to deepen into yourself, together with the ‘visions’ experience, as it influences your daily life.

The journey begins with Key of Light cards, together with Book One, where exploration is the underlying energy leading you forward. You have a definite view of how your reality looks ‘through the window’ of your experience, and now you would like to get to know how it all fits together. You are like a child exploring a brand new ‘reality.’ And this is the best way to approach the first stage of this journey – let go of any preconceptions or outcomes and PLAY.

As you embrace these child-like qualities and explore the world in which you live through the ‘windows’ revealed by the cards, you will experience spontaneous ‘light bulb’ moments - something that was once confusing now makes perfect sense. You begin to discover new horizons, new possibilities, you want to know more. You would like to take your new-found discoveries to another, deeper, more expansive and more profound, level.   

Free eBooks

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