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Visions of Reality..… Likes

“I must thank you for being so dedicated to your spiritual path by allowing all the ancient wisdom to permeate your whole being and allowing your creative spirit present all that ancient wisdom in a format that is a lot easier for us to learn and benefit from. Please continue what you do so that other's like me can benefit from the beauty of your soul. Thank you.” LS. UK

"Love the work you are doing @visionsoreality. Cosmic intelligence co-creating with the nature body. Pure grace! Thank you!

…a few of us in Toronto are discerning and sensitive enough to appreciate your work..." Cupid's Play via twitter


Walk the Rainbow

"Another truly Amazing day with Barbara Rose... and the walk the rainbow, sacred geometry group... we have been deepening our understanding and experience of spirit, meditation, human evoultion.... cannot put into words the depths are non wordable!!! its been an amazingly beautiful day.." Lucy, Lancaster


"Eternal gratitude for all your energy, wisdom and presence...." Leon, Blackpool


“...each gathering centres me back to a point of ‘right belonging’ and gives me thought for reflection and contemplation. It certainly has brought more awareness into my daily life and hopefully can use the learning to enhance not only my life but those of others. Heartfelt thanks.” Bev, Preston


“..I DID IT.....the seed of life from last week and I did it on my own, this morning. I feel positively euphoric....what a shift....” Lilian, Skelmersdale


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