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This page, together with its drop-down menu pages, provides an introduction to the magical world of Visions of Reality, including the Art of Synthesis, the Way of Wholeness and Walk the Rainbow. It begins in the form of a story, enabling you to experience, through the eyes of Esmerelda, realities beyond the obvious physical world in which we live. This fictitious being from another realm opens you up to the very real possibility that you can, indeed, live a lighter and brighter life and view the world through the eyes of the ‘light being’ part of you, the Soul.

Subsequent pages explain in everyday language ‘what is:’

Visions of Reality

Art of Synthesis

The Way of Wholeness

Walk the Rainbow

Progressing along the menu bar at the top of each page you will find primary headings for:

Key of Light - three packs of contemplation cards and their relevance to the integration of body with Soul and Spirit with matter are explained here

Walk a Rainbow - as well as setting out the structure for the three year program it also, through the drop-down menus, provides a brief  overview of the various spiritual teachings underpinning this work.

Centre of Light - here you will find all the services offered under the Visions of Reality banner: courses, workshops, talks, retreats etc.

Media - visual displays of all artwork and video (contemplative meditations will be added in the near future).

Shop - a space where you can purchase any of the material featured on this site, including Centre of Light services. The shopping cart is at the top right of each page - payment is via credit card or PAYPAL. The main Shop page details payment information, despatch times, procedure for worldwide delivery etc. Please read this page prior to ordering.

Visions of Reality BLOG and Testimonials may be found under the more button.  It is also planned to add a Links page where inspirational sites may be displayed for further research.

Please Contact us via the link at the bottom left of each page.

Finally, if you have any problems viewing any of the features on this site please read Website Information at the bottom of each page.


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