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One on One sessions





Live the Way of Wholeness

£90 (up to 2hrs)

Subsequent sessions £63 (1hr)

About Live the Way of Wholeness

Two hour session begins with a short introduction to the process (follow up sessions are an opportunity for you to share where you are on your journey relative to the process) followed by a 40 minute silent meditation. During this time you are encouraged to let go and surrender, allowing all that surfaces to dissolve, without judgment or attachment, into a fluid space of wholeness. The remaining time sees the fruits of your meditation reflected back in the form of intuitive dialogue combined with the selection and reflection upon three Key of Light cards. The purpose under-pinning the entire process is that you become your own inner navigator - you are the director of the show. However, the director is not your ego or false self. Dissolution of all that is false, including beliefs and old dysfunctional ‘programs,’ ensures that all is orchestrated from a space that is whole and complete.

'Key of Light' contemplation cards, included with your initial session, are an important part of the process. They are the map by which the realm of the True self may be experienced directly, enabling you to see all from an expanded, lighter, perspective; you not only see the bigger picture, you become it. Whilst your daily challenges are very much acknowledged and above all, accepted, emphasis within each session is upon your ' light;' the part of you that knows only Truth.

The profundity and depth of these sessions are largely beyond words and have to be experienced to appreciate the full extent of their worth. The quote, by Barbara Rose, below is a window into their potential but only you can accept the gift proffered. If you have reached a stage in your journey where all your resources to release fruitless behavioural patterns have been exhausted  then the Way of Wholeness is an ideal opportunity to move forward in a way you would never have believed possible. These unique sessions come highly recommended and are offered person to person in Preston, UK or online via skype.


Barbara Rose

"Have you ever felt the stillness of the air in the eye of a storm moments before all hell breaks loose? And how its seems, in the glory of being fully present in that time outside of time, that the earth has ceased all movement, or your body forgotten how to breathe?

Have you ever been blessed in such a way that your heart stills to listen, really listen, to touch a sound that is vaguely familiar, yet not?

Or, does the profundity of All-That-Is in that timeless, colourless, motionless event strike such a chord of remembrance that you cease to exist?."

Book your session here first. Payment due at time of consultation for in person sessions. Skype sessions are due at time of booking via services in our online shop.

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Warm welcome...

One on One sessions

with Barbara Rose

Thank you for giving me so much peace and inspiration at what was a very difficult time in my life. For the first time I am actually focusing on the positive light side of myself rather than the dark negative.  I cannot believe how simple the switch has been.” Linda S. UK