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Know your place on the Map

Single session £63 (1hr)

About Know Your Place on the Map

Consciousness is expressed through the ‘eyes’ of the viewer and determines the ‘Vision’ you have of ‘Reality.’ But there is more to it than this. Contemplation of the drawing below (click on image to enlarge) helps you to see how these ‘visions’ are also determined by the ‘kingdom’ from which you choose to reside – in others words your life, beliefs, habits and patterns, as well as the environment in which you live and how you relate to those you love. Central to the image is a bridge housing a door leading to an otherworldly realm beyond the ‘ordinariness’ of the kingdom within which it sits; a vesica piscis ‘eye’ serves as both beacon and key whilst geometric structures ‘tumbling’ in spiral-like fashion from the sky beyond are the means by which the kingdom of Spirit may be accessed. Nature is expressed in both obvious and subtle forms. Look closely and you will see the guardians of mountain, lake and land extending a warm hand of friendship towards those who believe they are there. As well as reflecting esoteric truth, this simple image has hidden depths for, not only does it hold secrets in understanding the inner workings of earth and cosmos, it also bears significant relevance in how we relate to these kingdoms, each other, and our world as a whole.

These sessions, then, are about exploring the map. Unless you are aware of the map which houses the way you interact with others in your daily life, you are unable to make any lasting or significant changes. Your ‘personality’ map is explored first wherein you are encouraged to reflect upon and physically create a map of your world as you know it - placing upon it signposts, triggers, as well as the light and shade qualities to your inner and outer world (it does not need to be complex or artistic it can be a simple circle with keywords placed inside). The second map is that of the Soul – your higher aspect. By and large this will contain nothing at the outset. As you let go into the process offered within these sessions the less you will find to place in your personality map and the more will arise within that of the Soul. Knowing your place on the map is therefore a breaking down process, a spiritual autolysis, to allow that which was inside you all along to arise naturally into the clear light of day; as would a seedling held deep beneath a bed of concrete, exposed to the light of day, following its timely release.

Esmerelda map - vesica.jpg


Barbara Rose

“When the end approaches the beginning….and the journey, with its stories, but an echo on the wind….When the sun has lost its shadow and the moon consigned to day…. the tribe of many colours just a pattern in the sky….When the stars have ceased to twinkle, the seasons and the cycles no more complete their turn and the droplet to the ocean has forever more returned….When the glory of emergence sends you crashing to your knees…the only light remaining is the one you cannot see…and when the end, as the beginning…completes its dance of two…soon you come to recognise the only One, is you….Then the call of the eternal strikes a chord you’ve always known… of gentle souls and fields of light, of the land you know is home…..”


“Barbara is a very wise and gifted woman.   Whenever I look at and meditate on  her Contemplation Cards, they always make me feel so much better. Her one on one sessions are  a life-changing and wonderful event, where she lovingly guides you in remembering your birth-right. Thank you, Barbara.  You are awesome!”  Lutgart, Belgium

"Meditating on the Contemplation Cards with Barbara's guidance was both insightful and empowering, focusing on key issues which proved to be accurate and very relevant to what is happening for me at the present time. Barbara has helped me to see aspects of my life which need re-aligning and I can work on for my personal growth."  Sue, Lancashire UK

"What amazing moment yesterday was for me, once I got home yesterday and opened my journal the words just poured out, I felt like a gifted tarot reader!"  Lilian, UK

Book your session here first. Payment due at time of consultation for in person sessions. Skype sessions are due at time of booking via services in our online shop.

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One on One sessions

with Barbara Rose