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One on One sessions





Adventures in Wholeness

Personal Mentorship


Initial reading £126 (up to 2hrs)

Subsequent sessions £72 (1hr)

Mentorship programs, tailored to your requirements, available from £333

Includes initial reading plus 4, one hour, follow ups at quarterly intervals

Important note

Owing to the deep reflective and transformative nature of this training, on the part both of facilitator and ‘traveller,’ there is, of necessity, limited availability for accepted places; a waiting list will be provided should this prove to be the case. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

About Adventures in Wholeness 

Prior to the initial session you will have received an overview of the process together with how constellations, planets and rays form a bigger picture perspective on your ‘story’ within daily life. Pertinent ‘Key of Light’ cards aligning with each of these cosmic players is also included as well as how your particular map slots into the system as a whole. Your adventure begins with an Esoteric Astrology reading where key areas of your chart are highlighted relative to your ‘light’ and ‘shade’ that you might begin the process of integrating the two.

‘Adventures in Wholeness’ are journeys into the realm of the Soul where its essence is, not only light, but transpersonal love. The more its qualities are energised, the greater is the willingness to surrender to its purpose, leading to greater absorption and union with its presence. Think of it as planting seeds in a garden – given the right nutrients, whatever you sow will ripen to its full expression whether it be suffocating ‘weed’ or exotic orchid; our adventure is concerned with sowing seeds of light.

The reading and session culminates in suggestions for further contemplation using Key of Light cards and commentaries in association with aspects of astrological significance. These tools are imbibed with the frequency of the Soul both in image and word. Assignment to each cosmic distributor is through deep contemplative alignment with their frequencies which enables you to more easily integrate and understand the energies flowing through your chart and ultimately through you, into daily life. Light and shade recognise itself in the other - the endless war of two is complete. Now the true Spirit of Adventure may begin!

About Mentoring Service

In order to understand the purpose of this training it might be wise to look into the word ‘esoteric.’ In a general sense it means ‘beyond the concept of the average mind’, or ‘hidden, profound, within.’ All of these definitions apply but, to add some context to our adventure, it refers to the inner workings of the Soul in its own realm – the realm of Light – and is inherently found within the innermost core of your own being. Training, therefore, is to lead you ever inwards to recognise the innate essence of its Light within YOU. This is not an easy journey. It, more often than not, entails the inevitable destruction of all you, as the false self, holds most dear – desires, beliefs, your standing in the world, even relationships – in short, all that you believe you are, all that is false, is surrendered unerringly to the light within. This journey is not for the feint-hearted but the rewards are unimaginable and support is on hand to guide you through the most difficult steps until you are able to be a ‘lamp unto your own feet.’ Esoteric Training is a gift to yourself, your innermost Self, where the Light of the Soul arises naturally as the director of your life. Clarity of mind inspires informed choice, all-inclusive love brings peace to your heart, and life, irrespective of outer circumstances, flows as a river through your days. Is there any greater reward for your dedicated effort?

About Esoteric Astrology using Key of Light cards

Esoteric Astrology, as its name implies, is finely attuned to the vibration of the Soul. Furthermore, its inherent principles, based on the teachings of the Tibetan Djwhal Khul in the writings of Alice A. Bailey, lead you ever onwards to the realm of Spirit and its ultimate expression in this world; Spirit in matter. This it achieves through planetary rulerships governing each sign on three levels – personality, Soul and Spirit. Underpinning this ‘map of the cosmos’ are the creative forces of seven radiant streams of light - the seven rays – which inform and ‘colour’ each ‘player’ according to its Divine Purpose. As a consequence Esoteric Astrology is a deeply profound and magical tapestry that weaves the very fabric of each facet and dimension of life into the heart of ‘one who seeks.’ Its capacity to integrate refined vibrations of the highest order into the ordinariness of everyday life cannot be understated and as such any reading of this calibre has the potential to synthesise on all levels should you choose to engage in the process with whole-hearted and sincere approach.


Readings offered by Barbara Rose address all of these principles, provide a dedicated route to wholeness and give you clear guidance in how to engage with the energy forces revealed through your birth chart. In addition, Key of Light cards and associated commentaries, relative to planetary alignments, are selected that you may contemplate and absorb the subtle energy flows in your own time at a pace that suits you. These cards are chosen for their unique properties in transmitting the pure vibration of cosmic light held within each planet or constellation that you may know yourself as something far greater than your individual ‘story.’ It is said the Soul speaks in symbol and image. Key of Light Cards, rich in visual expression, in conjunction with Esoteric Astrology, infused with symbol, are powerful mediums for gaining its attention; they speak Its language and so are admirably placed to awaken its light.

Who is this journey for?

As stated in the text above, this journey is not for the feint-hearted. The ultimate in rewards requires consistent, applied effort along with a willingness to enter into a profound state of surrender when faced with the most challenging of challenges; Esoteric Training is thus most suited to those who are already firmly established on their inner journey and looking for a fresh perspective on their already finely attuned intuition. However, support is offered and the journey may be taken in stages as it suits you and your life circumstances. Readings may be received as one-offs, tailored to meet you where you are now, and training may be introduced at a later stage when you are ready. If you are uncertain as to whether or not the training is right for you please contact us and we will arrange a free 15 minute skype appointment to discuss possible options.

Barbara Rose and her Astrological Journey

Barbara’s journey into the inner workings of the cosmos began in her early teens through a random remark issued by a school friend’s mother. It sparked an interest, and fuelled an inner fire, that has wound its way through her life, continuing to this day. Undeterred by the many distractions that comes part and parcel with child maturing to adult, she searched deeper and deeper into its mysteries. Inside she knew there was more to life than its outer manifestations and felt astrology offered a way into finding out, not only what, but who; who was she? What made her tick? Orthodox – mundane – astrology was her method of study for many years, though never by traditional means, it was always through her own research and contemplation of her findings; astrology courses, though ‘played with,’ never cut the grade – she had to find her own way. Gradually, over a number of years, the mundane gave way to the esoteric and she journeyed further and further into the realm of the Soul; her lifetime of study, alongside relentless inner work, had born fruit. Assisting others using the rich, intuitive understandings gained through her experiential journey seemed a natural progression, though one she resisted for some time. So when a friend asked for a ‘reading’ she lowered her resistance and agreed. Now, inspired by its magical potential to reveal the most profound depths in human consciousness, she takes great pleasure in offering this service to others. ‘Man Know Thyself and Thou Shalt Know the Universe and God’ are her bywords - never has a truer maxim been uttered, and never has there been a time in human history where its tenet may be realised by the many. For almost fifty years it has been a driving light on her path and it is this same light that is offered in Barbara’s readings. Quite simply, they are an invitation for you to ‘Know Yourself.’ Are you ready to face your nemesis in order to realise its full potential?


Astrology readings require date, time and place of birth. Before sending any payments please contact us to confirm availability. Initial readings include a full set of Contemplation Cards (three packs) which will be sent, using first class mail/airmail, following receipt of deposit (£36 + postage). Once you are in receipt of your cards, please contact us to arrange an appointment. Full payment is due upon booking. Thank you for your interest in this life-enhancing program.

Book your session here first. Payment due at time of consultation for in person sessions. Skype sessions are due at time of booking via services in our online shop.

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One on One sessions

with Barbara Rose



Ronald L. Holt

Astrological Reading

“Barbara Rose’s personal guidance readings are of a high order. An Astrological reading combined with her refined clarity of profound spiritual and metaphysical principles together with an ability to plumb to the depths enables an inspired “far horizon perspective” to be realised. Clients are assisted in navigating life’s many dimensions and challenges to cultivate integration and growth. Barbara’s readings provide such a welcomed peace and direction by transforming chaos and uncertainty into clarity.”

Ronald L Holt

Director Seed of Life Institute


Secret Garden

Barbara Rose

“In the locus of the Soul, for the first time, they meet …two brothers, each a mirror of the other, though they know it not ….One, who loves beyond measure, his heart an open door, is a magnet to those in need… his motto, ‘to love and include,’ determines the course of his life. The other, less well-loved, sees with a light, so clear, even the most depraved in spirit are struck by its radiance. His discriminating gaze knows all things intimately….Naked, in Truth, is his way… no-thing is exempt…not even himself. …. Heavenly twins, two wings of a bird, are the brothers, two. They are the circle and point, singer and the song…. as far apart as ocean and sky yet each cut from the same cloth, incomplete without the other…. and still, even now, they know it not….…The sacred space knows them well, has witnessed their forever journeys in silence as deep as the grave…. “