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Visions of Reality

A synthesis of striking image, symbol and seed thought married with intuitive daily guidance, ‘Visions of Reality’ contemplation cards offer a unique resource for integrating the most profound levels of reality into your daily life. All too often everyday demands of life in the 21st century mean we live our lives at the outer edge of who we really are, rarely finding time to delve even a little beneath the surface. Taking time out to pause and reflect is becoming more essential as everyday stresses take their toll on our health, relationships and environment. Each card encourages you you to see the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is, quite literally, right beneath your nose; you already are that which you seek. Learn to ‘walk the rainbow’ through your life’ not chase it!

Stillness Speaks

Introduces a pathway to expanded awareness where every choice in daily life carries with the intention of alignment with higher purpose. The images, rich in symbol, connect to the subtle inner realms, and are transformational tools for a changing world. They allow limiting behavioural patterns to be released in favour of more altruistic intent; awakening the extra-ordinary within the ordinary.

Nature’s Way

Instils a sense of wholeness and well-being. It embodies natural intelligence through the marriage of nature beings and sacred geometry. Reflection upon the image and its associated ‘quality’ brings the mind to a point pf stillness, restoring natural balance and harmony to the ‘whole’. Man and universe function as One, leading to peace and stability in daily life.

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Key of Light contemplation cards

Each pack contains 48 cards including suggestions for use. Front displays original artwork as featured here. Reverse reveals contemplative text and symbols (see samples below). Card size: 75x105mm. Click drop down image to order for free delivery to UK mainland. Worldwide delivery available please contact us for details.